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June 18th, 2011

bopped into the library

Was gonna bop into the office instead, as I was after a little a.c. break and a computer, but I thought it might feel more weekend to stop by Mallett's Creek. Turns out the computer is terribly slow, and I'm right next to a guy who's weirdly groaning every few seconds. I think he may be having some kind of withdrawal, or maybe he suffers from some ailment or physiological condition, but it also looks like one hand is in his lap. I don't want to turn for a better look.

But to log out and get up and log back in in hopes of not getting machine #8 again is a crapshoot, and I'll probably just head out instead. Daggone it.

Weird groaning man.

Working the dog logistics this weekend is a little more complicated than usual, as I have Zach & K.G., too. I have charge of them, that is; they aren't staying with me & Lula. Everybody's on meds, but that ain't so bad. I did manage to get to TJ's already today. Could use a couple more errand stops, and getting laundry in would be marvelous, but I'm not seeing it happening. Cooking would be good too. But it's hot and sunny, and after walking each dog, .... All I want to do is sleep, esp. when I get into some a.c.

Think I'll get me some iced tea. And sit somewhere and write. The other kind. The kind with a pen.

So tired, so much.


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