June 17th, 2011


Lula and I have a date tonight.

I guess I do have that to say. It's a playdate with the dog of a friend of a friend. Murphy. Hope they get along and have a good romp.

I don't have a dog icon for livejournal yet. When I think about it I think about whether and if so how soon I'll stop writing here. There's the shift to dreamwidth, where I do have an account. I remember seeing Olja agree with somebody on facebook about how nobody ever reads here any more. Clearly an overstatement, but the main point to me was "Oh, so Olja really never reads me now."

At the beginning I was writing to Brandon and Twila, mostly. How 'bout that.

There's something about writing to thin air, I guess. Except it's not just thin air.

I reckon it wouldn't hurt to add a dog icon. Would probably use it an awful lot, though, and then feel an impulse to feel bad about how much of my brain and the organization of my day are devoted to the dog. Then that would be an opportunity to critique and attempt to interrupt that impulse, at least.