May 26th, 2011

muddy go kart

this here's an outdated place to put it to share, feels like, but look

this from today's "newspaper":

if amtrak wuz a (tame) rollercoaster.

i know it's an image of danger and structural failure, but it looks pleasant to me.  peaceful.  a gentle dip down and back up.  maybe it would be, if you were operating a handcar.

there are lots of cool handcar images out there, i see with a little lookin' around.  and now i know there are model train handcars.  did i see any of those at the model railroad club?  i'm pretty sure that would be my favorite train model that actually rides the rails.

here's a somewhat disturbing antique toy handcar (that can be yours for $1100):

muddy go kart

Day 37 of rain, I am so weary.

Weary such that the hot drying out days coming this weekend look only sapping themselves.

The dog is in retrograde again.

Took her to a park tonight, since her leash skills suck so much, again.  We both got wet.  Wetter.  We both are perpetually damp.

Wonder how much of Lake Lisa and other new bodies of water I shouldn't let her drink.

What's an isthmus?  I think we have an isthmus or two for egress.  But I'm not sure. 

Bought a new leash again today.  Not out of extravagant Imelda-Marcos-of-leashes excess, either.