May 21st, 2011

bathroom angel

long, good day

Walk & Wag in the a.m. seems so long ago.  After the queer chorus (who knocked it out of the park) (or out of the Zal Gaz Grotto, as the case may be) I came home to Lorne, who seems well, and had gifts:  a funny old advertising card for a daredevil woman, a copy of a scratch 'n' sniff vagina book, and one of the very limited edition T-shirts he and the small bookseller cluster (he has two young assistants now) made up:

(I'm stealing his bandwidth for the pic; read more of the shirt & whatever-all else at the blog he's started, minivan of the revolution, or minivan_rev , if any of you still follow lj syndication feeds.) 

Boy says i shouldn't get up with him at before-6, but it's my plan to do just that, what with the dog & all.  I can go back to bed, after all, while he's off setting up books in the attic of the student union.

Lula was so tired after the big morning that she slept outside her crate, for the first time since her first 2 days here.  Plunked herself down under the piano and passed right out.  A thing of beauty.

She likes Lorne.  She liked lots of dogs and people this morning, including squirrelykat , who was telling people she was Lula's assistant.

Speaking of assistants, like Jordan (above).