May 9th, 2011

sarandon bats

Back on the glucosamine. Will it make me run faster?

I don't mean it in a knocking-self way, but the verb for me huffing it out to first base would be better as something besides "run." Charging has a nice, solid ring to it. Gallumphing emphasizes the awkwardness, and I'd rather not. How about endeavoring? I like that.

That's tomorrow, though, the first softball game this year.  First there's a Monday to finish up.  I really want a nap, but can I convert that, and my inevitable evening weariness, into going to bed at 10?

The Raths have three interleague games this year.  That means we have to play women who are closer to real serious intense softballers.  And I think we have fewer combo athletic & experienced players this time.  But it also feels like a pretty mutually supportive group, in keeping with the team ethos.  But we were having trouble at practice remembering the three team rules.  Which is it?

   1.  Have fun.
   2.  Don't get hurt.
   3.  Have fun.


   1.  Don't get hurt.
   2.  Have fun.
   3.  Don't get hurt.

I hope it's the former.