May 2nd, 2011


what goes on

We're interviewing again at work. I have a 14-page galley (typical is maybe 1.5-). My knees have been wonky. Softball is crankin' up to go. I put away the snow shovel. It's time to zip home to the pup. Zach hurt his back playing with her yesterday. I know somebody whose parents didn't tell the adult kids that Mom was in the hospital this weekend.

And "This story will probably go on quite a while," said the people on the radio this morning, about the new news, which pre-empted "Celebrity Apprentice," and which, moreover, is the kind of story that actually doesn't go on, as it's over, and that's the story, but okay how it's over, maybe that's a story, and what happens after it's over, but that's not that story. And the way the story will go on on the radio and the TV and the internet is not that, anyway, mostly. It's something else, mostly.

Makes me want to steer clear of media more than even the smarmiest of pledge drives.