April 23rd, 2011

bad santa

Kelley's on her way over.

We're going for steak. :)

The movie wasn't precious, nor the crowd annoying in that respect. I did wonder just a tad whether anybody in the Q&A might ask Davy whether he thinks he has a drinking problem (haha), but no one did---at least not before I left, which was right as he was finishing answering about his current love life (he was vague but amusing).

I am reminded of that line about not having a drinking problem, my beer goes down just fine. Or w/e. (Again: haha.)

The best part of the movie, to me, was Davy's mother, who channels the spirit of a Buddhist monk from long ago, and did that on camera once. I wanted to see more of her. In the movie, I mean. She happened to be sitting right behind me at the screening.

But I did want to say my icky feeling about the hipsterishness was not realized.