April 22nd, 2011


popping out the pop; torn about tonite

yeah, i said toNITE.

i can do that if i want.

i'm having a Dr. Pepper® this afternoon, from the subsidized pop machine here at work. as a pick-me-up. somehow i missed bert's annual coming around to sing the Eggbert song, on this good friday.

tonite is the World Premiere of the documentary involving davy rothbart, the Found guy, who's a local-boy celeb from these parts. i'm back-and-forth about whether to go, and only partly cuz i'm tired and have the beast at home to attend to too. i hesitate partly cuz of a distaste (that it's hard to describe to people who don't have it themselves) (and hard to want to cuz it may associate a different distaste with me) surrounding the potential preciousness of the whole business. it's about a self-conscious coolness, to give a stab at saying. a hip outsiderly location by intent, by declaration, and worse somehow in the group-grope mass assent to the coolness.

i have the impression davy's a fine fella and all, and not pretentious particularly himself. but there's something that squicks me just a bit about the self-congratulatory fan base.

like i say, it's hard to explain, in its particular alienation. to be alienated from the group of declared nonconformists many of whose values i more or less share, i'm fairly sure...

i guess i really don't want to adjust ALL of my attitude.

but there's something i like about a sense of event around a movie opening at the mich. and the movie itself might not suck. it might even not suck enough to make up for how much so many will no doubt be saying how awesome it is regardless of how awesome it is or isn't.

if you know what i mean.

but i did just say how i want to take myself out for fun more. sometimes the fun is potentially tainted with atmospherics i don't care for, but that's doesn't mean i shouldn't give it a shot.

also sorta alienating is how somebody going asked me today in chat whether i had decided if i am, and i said i didn't know but was leaning toward it, and then a minute later, when talking of getting tickets online, she said okay she'll get 2 (one for each of us, presumably). i was like, um, i only said i'm leaning.

what's so wrong about playing it by ear? she's going anyway.

hey, bert just came by and gave me a command performance. :D

i do love that guy.