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March 3rd, 2011


So far the moderator at the Nat'l Archives weekly caption contest (which I've been diggin') hasn't approved my caption for this week's picture, and s/he *has* approved some that came in later. I don't think mine's particularly more scandalous than any other, even if it might give one (women, anyway) a twinge of imagined discomfort.

Here's the picture (click on it for the contest):


And here are the comments so far, with my not-yet-approved one highlighted:

from Pat at 10:52 am
“You won’t feel a thing”.

from Keith Ramsey at 10:54 am
One way or another, Alice was determined to stop biting her fingernails.

from bria at 10:55 am
The first PSAs promoting mammograms were obviously unsuccessful. Thanks goodness for improved technology.

from Joyce at 10:59 am
Edward Scissorhands mother is revealed!

from t at 11:01 am
With the last implants in place, Solon Buck’s Stepford Archivist was complete.

from Sebastian at 11:02 am
Well, turns out drilling a hole in a tooth IS rocket science.

from Robert at 11:05 am
Ready for your manicure, Dr. Strangelove.

from Harry Smeltzer at 11:14 am
I’d rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.

from Jill at 11:30 am
Who’re you calling Hotlips, buddy?!

from me at 12:08 pm
“That’s right, pull them directly toward your chest, and they’ll attach automatically,” said the nurse guiding my volunteer testing of the new human milking machine.

Thank you for your comment! It has been added to the moderation queue and will be published here if approved by the webmaster.

from Martin Prochnik at 12:20 pm
How long have you had this sinus problem?

from Susan at 12:26 pm
Now just hold still…this will only hurt a little.

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