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February 15th, 2011

But what do you expect from a 63 year-old.

My furnace is out again. I can hear it trying. And it's not the belt this time; I looked. And there's fire down there. I'm rooting for some simple switching thing, but not sure what my chances are.

The repair person is coming this morning, at least. I can't find one of my 2 space heaters. I wonder whether it quit working; I have a vague notion that I've assessed its recyclability, but really don't remember whether I tossed it. How can a person not remember whether she's gotten rid of a space heater? Well, obviously that's not really all that unusual.

Yesterday, which was Valentine's Day, my coworker Eric told me before he left that it's a tainted day for him, as it's the day his mother died (two years ago). She had been in a home for Alzheimer's patients for 10 years before that. We talked about his going to visit. About being orphans. Stuff like that.

Manny Festo is definitely getting skinnier. I'm overdue to take him into the vet for a follow-up weighing. The vet was postulating stress & wanted me to try cat pheromones, or some kind of -mones, via a plug-in dispenser. I postulate lots of kitten-related exercise, and changing diet, maybe. Who wants to postulate some terrible disease?

If I just took more time off today, after the heating person, I could take him in, but given that it's getting pretty chilly in here, I'd just as soon wait on that stressor for him until we have heat at home. Which I hope we will have soon, one way or another.

Coffee's ready. Maybe some more oven heat....


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