December 13th, 2010

winter house

I like, as verbs, "shoehorn" and "pigeonhole."

That's not to say, of course, that I advocate the actions they represent taking people as objects.

It's a snow day Monday I had off work anyway. Been doing a little freelance; about to boot up and shovel/sweep, uncovering the car for a trip to town. Then more freelance, and some film screening.

Is that the best/most I've got at the moment in what's up with me? I don't know why the dark bits are coming less frequently, less deeply, but it's probably superstition to avoid exploring that why.

I bought some underwear offa the internet this morning. How's that for news. Got some a size smaller than I really want cuz of fun colors. Yes, fflo has, sometimes, fun colors of underwear.

Saw this one at the hardware store, where I bought matches.

light bleu le creu          

They had it in yellow, too.

Finished my freelance. At 12 bucks an hour, when I added it up, it didn't seem like much of a deal. But it's money I wouldn't get otherwise.

Manny to the vet this week. Not sure if he's acting significantly funny or not. Maybe so. Next week sleep test. Work party Friday, with karaoke. Yep, just trying to situate myself in the calendar, which is a version of situating oneself in the world. It's a kind of relationship. They all have their dangers.