October 31st, 2010


bearded lady

I just put a beard on myself with Picnik, which Google's promoting today. I stop short of making it my facebook picture, for reasons having to do with the possible reception/perception of some of the homos as much as (or more than) those of some of the high school conservatives, or some of the mere acquaintances of a more formal relationship.

I've said many times how I don't have penis envy but for the writing in the snow with pee, but I do imagine it could be fun to play with the possibilities of facial hair.

Collapse ) that makes me look like my brother. And my father. Which is kind of weird to me. Makes me want to put a beard on my mother too.

I went with a scruffy-me picture cuz beards seem more fun with scruffiness. A tidy, sharp-edged beard, not so much.

Too bad Picnik doesn't do up your actual face with its tricks, however you want. I could combine the beard with some googly eyes & blood & the hardhat I got yesterday at ReUse and be a scruffy bearded roofer zombie, not just me in a roofer's hat, wondering whether any kids will be coming to the door tonight.

I need to go out & get some candy, just in case.

Camping (cooking & eating without a refrigerator) continues swimmingly enough. Putting leftover chopped onions in the cooler last night did rather stink it up. Gonna go rustle up some eggs with them now.