October 13th, 2010


Last night w/3 kits. Went to Ignite. Then watched a Chilean miner brought to surface as kits romped.

The plan is to keep one, foregrounded here, appropriately enough:


Available Friday, I gather, at the Humane Society: Gazoo (formerly Stripes) and (very probably) Mudge (formerly Smudge). Gazoo is a talker, and human-oriented. Loves to cuddle. Seeks out the person vs. the other kitties, though does play. Mudge is SO soft. More of a cat's cat, but a cuddler too, esp. when worn out.

Now maybe I'll stop posting so much kitten stuff all the ding-dong time. Or maybe not. I am expecting to have an adjustment period for the domestic animals. (I count myself among those.)