August 15th, 2010


Well, it's Sunday. I got sweaty cutting lilac branches, even though it's not the best time of year

to do that, and now I'm inside, thinking of making a smoothie rather than subsisting on the iced tea I've followed my coffee and banana with. Gonna go to Z's Roadhouse for supper tonight. My dining companion picked that one of a list of suggestions that all sounded good to her.

One of my ideas for today is that I do some 0%ing. There's 0%s out there now.

Here's a couch:

I started playing Frontierville, which looked boring to me when I first tried in many moons ago. Having heard how others are hooked, though,.... Well there's often some appeal that escapes a body at first but can be found by observing others' enthusiasm . This is a very back door way into engagement with life, but it's better than nothing, you know? Ah, perhaps you aren't with me in the general idea because I brought it up via an engagement of a sort that garners broad contempt.

Wanna fill my compost bin but don't think I will. Unless I cut branches up in ways that don't compact 'em much. :)

Bird seed. Lopping. Anything but 0%ing? Then a shower.

Cool front comes through tonight.