May 23rd, 2010


This Week in How I'd Run NPR

Sunday NPR was better when they didn't have some "special guest" read the prizes for the puzzle participant, elongating and making a big production of the moment that was boring before and is only moreso now. They should just name them fast and move on, not give a big intro of someone for whom they're a novelty and who then usually reads them especially slowly and/or as if there's something interesting to be done with them. There isn't.

On the other hand, the old Voices in the News segment, a collection of clips of unnamed people speaking something the week before that related to some significant story, was a good thing. A little bit of a puzzler itself. And a subtle radio-type kind of way for the editors to convey both the suggestion of that significance and an occasional additional nuance, simply from what in particular they picked. That segment could have benefitted from taking its background music to half volume, if not getting rid of the music entirely. Think it was cut cuz people complained, not liking not always knowing whose voices those were? I wonder.

I'd write the ombudsman (instead of you), but I save that for when I'm really disgusted.