May 20th, 2010


wild dictionary residue

Math-y concepts of "wild"ness and of a "dictionary" have suddenly come up, more than once each, in work I've seen this week. And I was rolling "residue" around in my mouth earlier today, in the Admin kitchen with Bertoni and her soup and Assen at the sink, and now there's "residue" in this fascinating piece on Coleff-Herrera currents.

It also tells me that it "is easy to see that if" a buncha math, "then" a buncha other math.

Easy for you to see, Mohammed El Amrani.

I was of some use, however, in tweaking his take on the read of the paper as "very plaisant." Not to mention his insufficiently big oplus, and some \cdots.

I think I need a day or two off. Need a break from these paragraphs, from my pink highlighter and my blue pencil and my barcoding wand, which itself seems to be suggesting it could use a break, the way it's getting all refusenik on every fifth swipe.

Some weekend jaunt away to someplace in the trees? I don't really have the bucks for it. I'm fantasizing about getting a bike. And I need to buy some clothes, dammit.

This coming weekend I'm going to the big roller derby champeen-ship. That's feeling like a bit of a get-away adventure. Not a big one, but one.

Yadda yadda yadda.