April 17th, 2010


It's windy out there.

Blustery, even, you might say. Glad to be inside, doing laundry, futzing around, soon to bed.

Here's a design I saw the other day, and have been thinking of. From a slogan/idea of Sam McNally, a.k.a. Bio-bot 9000, drawn by Julia Sonmi Sonmi.

[All We Need]

Okay it's not that blustery out there, just now, though it sounds it, from in here, now and then. I just walked partway down the street to see if I could see if anything dreadful is up in front of Maria's, where an ambulance and a fire engine are parked. I got close enough to hear laughter and thought that was close enough. It's weird to be the interloping neighbor, however concerned. There were people with flashlights moving along the side of her little house. Hope she's well. She's getting up there.

I did some stuff with ferns and lopping and such this evening after work, in front of the front that's making it blustery and supposed to usher back in chillier days for a stretch.

The fire truck is pulling away.