April 12th, 2010

cynical man

On This Date in History I Have A Headache

21 years ago today I broke the diet Coke habit.

Also, happy birthday, David Cassidy.

[cover of Up to Date

In other/tedious news, I woke today with a headache that seems to be in no hurry to go away. I hate it. Pollen might well be a factor, but I did have chocolate last night, too. It's one of those light-sound-movement-all-bad ones, with nausea and throbbing. But it's definitely not the worst I've had like this.

Nonetheless, as I got into the car to drive in this morning, I tried to imagine living henceforth with the current set of physiological sensations, and I couldn't quite touch how you could go on indefinitely that way. So it's a good thing, I thought, weakly, as I tossed my lunch into the passenger seat, that things don't generally stay the same this way for us humans. But I also couldn't call up how it might be not to have the head problem. Things in the head can be mighty terrible things, the way they pervade everything.