January 26th, 2010


a Tuesday off work

And with it my cold symptoms have dissipated greatly. Almost went in for the afternoon, but chose a lazy day instead, for more thorough chasing of ailment. As congestion breaks up and I can CPAP, I become a happier puppy.

The DVR's back under 70%, too.

Added one to the creepy films I've seen by Nicholas Ray, most famous for Rebel Without a Cause (1955), and responsible for the bizarre camp-ish dykey Western melodrama Johnny Guitar (1954), which will be on TCM this coming Friday at 10:30 a.m. Eastern, if any of you are curious, have cable & are available then or equipped to record it. Today's creepy selection was In a Lonely Place, 1950, with Humphrey Bogart as a screenwriter caught up in a murder we know he didn't commit. But his character's such a vile abusive bastard he might as well have. The film seems to want us to see him, at least for a bit, as his manager does (and as the manager puts it to his frightened gf)---as offering some unnamed positives that you want so much you have to accept his violent craziness. Definitely not your heroic romantic lead.

I sure do get a creepy feeling from that guy's movies. Nicholas Ray, I mean. They suck you in to their desperate worlds.

Gotta give him credit for introducing unusual and queer elements into the mainstream cinema. And just the color in Johnny Guitar, apart from all the rest of it, is worth watching that one for. But women in his films--- well, maybe somebody's written about that. I'll have to look around. I wonder what women were like in his life. Like, long before he divorced the female lead in In a Lonely Place, Gloria Grahame, after catching her in bed with his 13 year-old son.