January 24th, 2010

dusty face

people were grinning at me in trader joe's

why they would be doing this today in particular i don't know, but it's true. quite a few eyes-lit-up smiles. some of these were (other) old people looking at me after we'd each been looking at one of the many kids wandering around, and us breaking out in little grins about it. genuine-feeling grins. not that fake syrupy "isn't he precious?" crap.

i did a stint of cat comforting at the shelter, too, after a bi bim bop brunch with the girls at the odd little diner next to stadium hardware. and now here i'm quite tuckered for not even 5 p.m.  sunday afternoon nap, maybe? hate to do that right now & wake up after it's dark. i think i want to be awake as the sun goes down, on this snow-melter of a 45-degree day in soppy southeast michigan. but it's looking like i won't get to the gym this weekend.

got some throwback pepsi at meijer's's west late last night. having one now, though it's a little late in the day to be drinking. haha. actually i'm having one of the last of the throwback pepsis i had in the house from the last time they had the stuff out for a limited time only.

this is fascinating stuff, isn't it.

when i think what i might write about that's more interesting, what's usually more interesting to me is stuff about interpersonal relations. the vicissitudes of those. apparent patterns. my own grasp of my perspective, such as i struggle to situate myself firmly in it, if only to relax back out of it into a blesséd harmonious stretch of near-serenity, here and there, for a spell. gotta get that pema chodron back from the library. it's a popular volume.

anyway, writing about that stuff might be interesting, if i were specific, down-and-dirty, incisively insightful. but i'm sleepy, remember? and also content enough at the moment not to desire to go there. humphrey's just climbed up on me, too.

do ya'll know the seinfeld with "serenity now!"? i never saw that one, but just heard about it. "i don't think you're supposed to yell it," george reportedly tells his dad. such gaps there are in my seinfeld study. but so many episodes of "moral orel" on the dvr, and the revisited passionate suggestion of "battlestar galactica," and a backlog of old movies, and now i'm taking up "project runway"! a girl has her work cut out for her.