January 6th, 2010

cynical man

where's my tape gun

whaddid i do with the tape gun

what would a kitty need with a tape gun

i may pay shipping professionals to pack this mirror i'm aiming to sell to a fella in the romantic-sounding (yeah i'm an amurkin) Bewdley, Worcestershire, Merry Olde, GB/UK, far far away. nothing i could scare up in the basement seems to make for a solid corrugated starting point, even if i could find the tape gun.

it's a weeknight. gonna go re-heat some burrito filling in a minute, then toss a tortilla around on the burner. movin' laundry first. exciting times.

i ran into the new copy ed outside the grocery store this evening. i ran into her at a breakfast a few weeks ago.

been spending some more time with some Pema Chodron (nee Deirdre Blomfield-Brown).

regard all dharmas as dreams.