May 22nd, 2009


Of COURSE this isn't the case, but...

... if the President and the (evil) former Vice President were in cahoots, at least insofar as wanting the federal govt to retain and exert powers of "preventative detention" and "enhanced interrogation," and they were thus doing some kind of good-cop/bad-cop thing in their spate of public statements of late, with the goal of bolstering public support for the President from the whacky left and left-ish, it might actually, like, work.
muddy go kart

I think I'll post again.

I recently heard from a woman I used to know in Kansas, a troubled woman (an artist, a nutjob) whose bursting out in racism, shortly before H & I left town, was more than the necessary straw on the back of the camel bearing qualms about her: it was a huge bundle of heavy, stinky racism. The camel went down, and hard.

She's on facebook, but using a fake name:

Lisa it is Barb in Kansas

***** ***** got me to sign up on here but i am too paranoid to use my real name.
I see you have Suzy Bright as a friend! you are the chick!
well i am sure you do not care to write back after the black chick was so seriously wacked out at me and i am so glad to be rid of that psycho, she was so dangerous, killed my kitty Mozart before she was all done with me. if that sums it up for you.
I miss you and words can not say enough of how sorry all that stuff went down at the end. I will just say I hope you are well, i am and have been sick from the drugs the pysch industry gave me but i am free of that stuff now, but damaged body. I am stuck out it Hays, KS 67601 dropped out of a 2nd grad school here. and all alone. so that is my spirally downward life.
You are a Kind soul and left an impression on me, to last a life time. best wishes girl!

Her fake name's last name is "Black," oddly enough.

I wrote her back. Was not unfriendly. Did tell her it wasn't what "the black chick" had said about her but what she herself had said that had prompted me & H to stop trying to be in touch with her. That she hadn't seemed to think fondly of us there at the end, so it didn't feel like it'd disappoint her anyway. That I'm not real-world friends with Suzy Bright. And good for her about feeling good about the drugs, too bad about Hays (Fort-Hays-not-the-Bronx), and thanks for the good words.

She wrote again, with a lot more about "the total crazy black chick," and eventually "i am going to drop it because given the situation people still want to love on the minority chick...," but then

lisa, you made my life wonderful while you lived here, and remember that above all else; ......especially "the negro's" twisted vile efforts to cause riffs with folks.....

She closed with "so long," so I guess that's kind of a wrap, if I want it to be. Which I b'lieve I do.

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Another Kansas friend reminded me today of having had croquet parties in the Little Apple. I've had a few croquet gatherings in Michigan, too, but it's been a while. This one woman in Maryland used to have extreme croquet, with her nutty back yard.

It's more fun when there are natural obstacles, you know. Forget that perfectly groomed lawn thing.

Do ya'll know about Poison? When you finish the croquet course and turn to "poison," henceforth with the capacity to knock out competitors? Last time up here we were playing not just Poison, but "Name Your Poison"---you turn to poison and get to name which one you are, so long as it hasn't been taken already. Like arsenic. Or slander. Or what-you-will.

Summer is almost here.

(Systems) Drew and I this morning celebrated that we are just about back to being able to wear white.