April 12th, 2009

avatar w/buff hat


I have a new hat.

Others, I thought in bed this morning, have new hats this weekend, too. Ones about which they could write a sonnet.

Neighbor Tom's out slopping the ducks.

In a few minutes Olivera & I will be off to the Northside, joined by we're-not-sure-whom, and then it's to the airport to pass her along to the next friend. Last night she & I went our separate ways, as I had bowling, while she and the boys from Toledo caught the last of the Andras Schiff Beethoven sonatas. No doubt that was somethin'. But I'm good with how I feel good about the night I took in an earlier installment in his project to do 'em all.

And today it's Easter, and no coincidence Spring is just about upon us.

"Can I just tell you one thing about God?" asked my bowling teammate last night.

"You can tell me whatever the hell you want," said I.
muddy go kart

Wonder if the TV will have pictures of the Obama puppy.

Pretty tired this evening. Not up for much but TV and bed.

Had a sore heel this afternoon. Rode the motorized grocery cart through the gigantic store to the sporting goods section. Surprisingly tight turning radius on that thing.

If I weren't so looking forward to sleep, I could say I feel pretty blah about the immediate future. Also if I weren't so looking forward to sleep, maybe I could rally to muster some anti-blah attitudinal remedy.

Anybody feeling like clicking a box? Answer based on whatever take you're feeling.

Generally speaking, I am very influenced by the people around me.

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