March 24th, 2009


excited about film fest


opening night's tomorrow night. hors d'oerves and open bar in the lobby with los gatos, our local vibraphone latin jazz combo--- yehh. some people are talking about the art car movie, and i'll probably catch that, but i'm more excited about some animation, and a few particular others i happen to've read about (i'm waiting to scope the program in the old-fashioned print format, as part of the first-night fun). did happen to see that there's something involving negativland, who once seemed "unknown genius" to me. and a famous sex pistols movie (midnight saturday at the state). and there's out night.

they usually throw up a nice mix for the opener. i deliberately don't read about those first. just plop it in a chair and, 'slike, show me whatcha got, festival.

i sorta can't believe there's an annual event in town i don't miss. it's kinda nice.

i'm supposed to be writing an email. guess that's gonna be later.