February 2nd, 2009

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"expression is the need of my soul." -- archy

i'm in remission with the expression myself, but i'm reminded of the idea today.

was hardly online at all this weekend.

i have some vague and partly visceral feeling that i'm in a state of things building up, and that i'm maybe, perhaps unwisely, keeping them from spilling over or exploding out by limiting what i add, vs. letting loose. and you know, honestly, i really have nothing specific in mind when i say that, nor even a category of thing(s). it's a vague expression of a vague sensation that's a little bit physical, and subtly on the radar of my consciousness, but in a most fuzzy focus.

it's groundhog day. happy groundhog day, everyone. dreampower watches the movie every year. it's a great movie. don't think i'd like it as much at a rate of once a year. that might be a little too like bill's experience in the film. i stopped watching Holiday every year on new year's after seeing it at that frequency stopped feeling like a celebratory revisiting. gotta pace my faves, with the movies, i think, and there's some flux.

makin' headlines

The newly-sproinged picture of Michael Phelps smoking pot has prompted some punning, predictably enough.

  The Australian:
  I did the bong thing, says a sorry Phelps

  E! Online:
  Michael Phelps Apologizes for Dopey Move

  Melbourne Herald Sun:
  Phelps' reputation sinks

  National Post, Canada:
  Michael Phelps swimming in bong controversy

Multiple sources refer to his endorsements or image going or possibly being Up in Smoke.

Seems like generally people (at least headline writers) want to keep liking him.

  Forbes, NY:
  Phelps Is Still Golden

  ABC News:
  Phelps' 'Mistake': De-Stressing or Chasing a Thrill?

  ABC Online, Australia:
  Phelps sorry about marijuana pipe

  USA Today:
  Are you worried about Michael Phelps?

  Michael Phelps' Bong Incident: Are We To Blame?

  Like Most 23-Year-Olds, Phelps Smokes Weed

  Baltimore Sun:
  News flash: Michael Phelps is human!

  Huffington Post:
  Michael Phelps Apologizes to Bong For Hitting It So Hard

The scoop on the bong itself is that it's a ROOR, which is an award-winning German water pipe with frosted glass diffusers instead of mere rubber grommets. It sells for between $120 and $150.
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I'm afraid of my own mind.

Yes, very often or much.
Yes, occasionally.
Yes, every once in a blue moon.
I can't answer that.
Not really.
No, never have been.