January 14th, 2009

MR door

Did you vote? And hi, it's Wednesday.

Today, thanks to disclaimerwill, I contemplate my vote in Dan Savage's effort to santorumize "saddleback."

It's a Wednesday at work, and I haven't been posting here much, so I'm just doing it to see if I can't jumpstart myself that way.

Didn't get to the gym last night, though I'd gotten home & swept through the snow on the stoop to retrieve my gym bag. Leaving onstar's I saw that my slow leak tire had been speeding up its leak rate. Boy am I glad I won't likely be at a 50-cent air machine again today, in the bitter-and-gettin'-bitterer cold: I hauled it to the tire place last night and got what turned out to be a nail in the tread taken out, and the hole repaired, and 4 new valve stems (there was a recall on my tires nobody tried real hard to call me about). All that was free, but my feet were so cold after waiting in the cold tire place I didn't think even the super-warm locker room + cranking my heartrate & circulation would do the trick. Went home and lingered in a hot bath instead.

Bathtub: good.

My first real gf used to re-write the words to "My Favorite Things" every once in a while, to reflect her current designations along those lines. If I'm ever overcome by an impulse to do my version, I oughta remember the bathtub.

But I'll probably stick to John Coltrane's "Favorite Things." I'd link you to that, but I'm on a borrowed PC today, and everything's a little whack.