November 19th, 2008


I find myself wanting this horoscope to resonate.

I see it's Rob B's weekly day to say some varyingly amusingly-put cluster of stuff building to a topic sentence of vagueness especially designed for me, Cancer. I'm live-blogging my experience of checking it. Exciting? I bet you've never been live-blogged through such a thing before, have you?

I feel like I could use a little wisdom tonight. I don't believe he has wisdom for me, but I'd like it if I get a sense of meaning from what he's more or less talking about that feels like it has some relevance for what's up with me at the moment, in these days.

I have the Real Astrology open in another tab now. The anticipation builds. I already know it will most likely not live up to it. But there's always hope. There's a little ray of hope 'til I find out otherwise.

Just as important as whatever I'll think once I read it is noting this sense that I want it to mean something, more than on the average Wednesday eve. Just as important as that is noting how I think about that.

Okay, I'm looking now.

[not much later]
[just a tiny bit later]

I'm back.

I liked Collapse ).

Yeah, that's a goodie.

Maybe he's "on" this week. Read yours here.

the Harvey Milk documentary

There's this new Harvey Milk biopic, with Sean Penn, coming soon, most of you probably know. (Activist note: don't see it at a Cinemark cinema.)

The 1984 documentary The Times of Harvey Milk, narrated by Harvey Fierstein (whose voice I love, so don't be dissin' his voice), is available on youtube in segments, starting here.

I was so moved by that film. [ETA: Still am.] Speeches do change lives, like lives like Harvey's change lives. I ordered the transcript of the film---this was back when you had to write away for stuff---so I could experience Harvey's words again. I still have the little stapled-together booklet from WNET; I take it out and read from it once in a while.