August 27th, 2008

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watching Hillary at the convention; messages from other places

Okay I laughed pretty good when, in the film introducing Hillary, Bill appeared and, at the bottom of the screen, the who's-that blurb said "Hillary's Husband." Dumb joke, maybe, but well done, I say, in the feminist context. (And maybe you had to be there.)

The speech wasn't bad, from what I heard of it & remember. The Harriet Tubman part sticks in my mind, along with "No Way, No How, No McCain." I missed the line about Bush & McCain being twins in the Twin Cities, which I hear some people liked. I hadn't thought of twins in the Twin Cities until now---which is itself funny, and makes my mind wander. But what were we talking about? Right, Hillary. By the time she got going good I'd lost some of my scoffing at the circus of the whole convention production. Does that mean if I had TV all the time I might lose a hunk of my sensitivity around class issues? I wonder.

I thought a lot just about this turning on of live TV. I rarely ever see it any more, and that way of living does make life feel as if I'm not even really much witnessing the larger popular culture. That may be kind of silly, but that box was the main tube to it most of my life. The primary feeding tube for me. I want high speed at home more than I want cable, but having both would be like participating in the world, for me, in sort of fundamental ways. Perhaps I could still keep some of the sensibility (with its own kind of edge?) of being outside it.

My best reception is on ABC, so I was watching the Disney corporation coverage of the convention. It was curious how their panel of TV journalists talked a lot about Michelle Obama as she and Biden sat next to each other, but almost not at all about Bill Clinton as he made his big entrance into the seats, though the cameras were showing us several minutes of him hugging and gladhanding and waving and grinning. I was thinking stuff like "Look at him being a superstar." And that maybe part of what's gone crazy with him is that he's a big ego that's been (and is being) satisfied. But then I noted that the one woman on the panel, Diane Sawyer, was watching Bill through the window of their booth while Stephanopolous and George Will and that other guy yakked on--- and then she interjected about Bill. That he wasn't making his way down toward Michelle & co. They were on the other side. Maybe to say he's not trying to steal thunder. There's lots of discussion in this coverage of stuff like who's stealing whose thunder, or not gonna be where when so's not to steal thunder.

"On the Media" should do live coverage of the media covering the circus. That could be some good TV. Except they're radio.

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Got an invitation to a wedding in India today. Have to answer that. It was from one of my favorites of the grad students I've met in the past coupla years. I'm trying to give it some thought, but it's extremely impractical. I can barely make trips to Maryland. I'm engaging in serious debate about whether I can pull off an overnight to the Ohio Lesbian Festival (but leaning toward that one, at least). (Who wants to go to the Ohio Lesbian Fest with me? Anybody? Let me know.) The obvious thing to do, for money to travel and cable TV, is to rearrange my finances to have fewer expenses (selling the house being fairly key there) and/or make more money (and dang if I don't think, petulantly, that I work enough).

I'd love to go to Seattle, too. Not only is that where homovegetarian has been---for years now, without me visiting--- but that's a city I've barely been to (only really been around it). Plus today, in addition to the message from the now-former grad student, I heard from another Lisa I knew in childhood, who now lives in Seattle. A chick I know from the recent Kansas years & who's one of her best buddies just put me back in direct touch with her. Lisa was the 4-H girl in my neighborhood, until I moved away at age 10. It all seemed so cool to me, that 4-H business. They knew about farm animals & shit. Why didn't I get to? I think I went to some 4-H meeting with her once.

Just days ago I'd found an old letter from her, from after I moved to Maryland. On Snoopy stationery. (Woodstock, actually.) Hadn't remembered we'd written each other. I should send that off her way. Might amuse her. I've found lots of stuff in that box of old papers that's been amusing me. More on that here later, I imagine.

I love that that Lisa turned out to be a big ol' lezbo. I really do. Quite a thing, hearing it from yet another of the women we met back in the Little Apple, when we were getting to know the lesbians who would let themselves be gotten to know. Lisa'd JUST moved away, too. Barely missed her.

So, as if this isn't enough blasting from the past, earlier tonight I got notice that a woman I knew in college wants to hook to me on LinkedIn (which I barely do, but I do). The thing is, this woman is a primary haunter of mine. Was just telling vjsmom how she was my original charismatic compulsive liar. The guy who became a spy is (and has been) a charismatic compulsive liar, but he hadn't really ripened, in my opinion, when I met her. She had quite a grip on my attention, that one did. And quite an impact on my world view. (Is it one word? Worldview? Is there an anthropologist in the house?) (Too bad I'm not the anthropologist in the house.) (Sorta.)

Primal Charismatic writes "God damn, Lisa, how the hell are you? I'm attempting to put together a LinkedIn profile just about overnight. Criminy--hi!" One way of thinking of my decision is as whether I want to be of service, to someone who used to really fuck with people and almost surely still is doing that, in order to satisfy some curiosity about what's up with her. And I do. Seems as if it's in the spirit of the times. And anyway, I do. It's only some online professional networking bullshit. And she's not Satan.

Last I heard she was working in hospital administration, or public policy in a hospital, or some such. She used to claim proudly & loudly that she was the only straight person in ActUp San Francisco. That was after (I theorize) running a magazine I loved into the ground. (It's a ridiculous theory, but not as ridiculous as it sounds.) (And that's leaving off the really paranoid-sounding part--- that she did it because I loved it... ha.)

Did I mention that my friends in Fort Worth are moving to Omaha? That's a lot closer. That's practically next door, next to Texas. kohkae, I'm gonna return ya'll's call soon.

So strange, feeling so isolated here from earlier times of me (earlier versions, earlier iterations), but having a bunch of old connections pop up and say hey, virtually simultaneously.

Enough regaling with ramblings this fine cool August night. Sleep well, sleeping people elsewhere. Be joining you in slumberland in a few.
dork L

love the dorkballs

i love that we go in and hyphenate the mathematicians' "reprove"s, so's to keep them from errantly being accidentally occurrences of an archaic word pretty much nobody uses, particularly in a review of mathematical scholarship.

i'm not being sarcastic, either. i do love that we do that. it's a beautiful ridiculous thing to do.
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in the news

sprig5 sent me this Washington Post piece on Joe Biden's train commute. A flattering depiction of the guy. Coworker gets the link of the day, though, for sending me to this Wonkette post w/a clip of insanely stupid Fox News.

In Alabama, in case you haven't heard, there's gonna be a surcharge for being fat. Will every fattie who still wants health insurance pay it? Or will at least one, fully fed up, go postal? I imagine myself taking that route.