April 22nd, 2008



i feel all grown up today. and i don't dislike the feeling.

surely it'll pass soon. wouldn't mind a few more days of it, however. i think.

some of it's probably just cuz i've been working on spring cleaning.

took some things to ReUse and the PTO thrift this afternoon. ran into a neighbor at the former. that was nice. i like that neighbor. i imagine she can tell.

i'm working these first few days of the week after all. today there was a blotch on page 3457. in the first column, about 2/3 of the way down, in "issue"---the print edition of MR. or in the F and G's, specifically. that's the Folded and Gathereds. so it was a potential issue issue. i spoke to a woman in north carolina on the phone. she spoke slowly. it made it feel less like she was working, more like we were just hanging out chatting. i had to control myself not to fall into an accent like hers. aping her accent, i guess you'd call that. or maybe it's more a chameleon thing.

must to bed. recalcitrant. not so grown up.