April 8th, 2008


That was some exciting basketball.

If they were partying in Larryville the other night, Mass must be absolutely wild right about now.

I'd already won the office bracket before the tip-off tonight. I'm that good.

Still rooted for Kansas. How can I not. Dance with the one that brung ya.

Ad astra per aspera, everybody.

snap, grackle, pop

New at the feeder: a couple of grackles. Biggest birds using it. All oily iridescent-lookin', beady-eyed. Usually only one partaking at a time.

One young squirrel has cracked the code of my slick metal bar support to compete with the gang for the seed. This morning Jimi Lee's veritable cafeteria for the birds (as opposed to my small, out-of-the-way café) had a singing red-winged blackbird in its limbs.

I've had my two little bird books since I was a child. Blows me away that I'm paying attention to birds. Finally. Now.

Have I mentioned woodpeckers? There's woodpeckers around, too.

Grackle:  [pic of grackle]

I'm about to swap some storm windows out fer some screens. Maybe see how much raking I can do with the current modified cat-bite-recovery grip, try to clear out some of the dead stuff from the other burgeoning flower spot.

A few tears again today, thinking of a person. But this is good, I'm telling you. Unfrozen emotion.

And here's Chatty the Cardinal, dropping by for some nosh, looking in the window at me as she eats. I love her. She has so much to say.