March 28th, 2008

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forsooth! forsythia

sprig5 just posted an image with a spot of forsythia. That reminded me of seeing sprigs thereof in a fancy flower display in the lobby of the auditorium at St. Matthew's Passion the other night. There were pussy willows, too, which I've loved long, and we stood around stroking those, alerting strangers, some of whom then had to feel them themselves. But those forsythia branches had me thinking how I couldn't remember seeing forsythia bushes up here, the way you do in Spring, what, everywhere else, right? Or in the lower 45, or 37, or w/e?

Turns out having had them in Kansas and Maryland was a deceptive sample. Green is where there are; not green is where they ain't:

[map, range fo forsythia]

(Click on the map for some stuff about the plant.)

If you live where they're around a lot, even if you don't particularly pay attention to plants, it's hard not to notice that they've started telling you it's Spring.

A snowstorm here again last night. But word is Monday will be warm. Like, really warm. In the 50s F warm. Maybe HIGH 50s.

I really don't care how muddy and rainy it gets. Bring me the big sloppy mess, O goddesses of Earth and Spring.
hole question


basketball or more animation?


here's some early Spring:

[stolen forsythia image


i resent you, my heart. why do you do this to me. what are you thinking? you're not, that's what. isn't it.

i'm glad you're alive & all. but really. it's just ridiculous. and sad! sometimes i just have to laugh at you.