February 18th, 2008

bad santa

weekend ending well

i saw a rainbow this afternoon. i was outside the library. i went in and wanted to tell everyone---just shout "hey, you people, there's a rainbow out there." and then they'd all run out to look, right? i did tell one stuffy-looking woman as she left: "don't miss the rainbow." her puzzled face made me think she'd taken it as some kook uttering a bit of the general figurative philosophy of the flaky. later the librarian and i talked about how many more representations of rainbows than actual rainbows one sees in a lifetime. (especially if you're queer, i add.)

you see more rainbows in kansas than in the other places i've lived. i remember once coming out of a movie in severna park or glen burnie, some town/suburb south of baltimore, and seeing a big ol' rainbow, a full one, arching all the way across the road. i knew it had been years since the last one i'd seen; that was when i first realized they'd been missing. this is one way the trees on the Sho' weren't so great.

today's rainbow, and the weird sunshine with all the rainwater on ice and snow, put it in my head to go down to the river. ducks and geese were yakking it up, avoiding chunks of floating ice. in places there was steam coming off the water. the clouds came back in variously briskly moving layers, and it was just all wonderfully lively & weird.

then i went for a little drive, and then i got texted a dinner invite as i stood in meier's, having just found the bottle brush i'd been looking for. i bought several other cleaning things & a bottle of wine & ran home for a shower before a lovely lazy meal with some of my favorite kind of talk.

i'm gonna miss that girl when she leaves town.
bad santa

pop quiz

What have we got here?


(a) nobody gives a damn, Lisa;
(b) phase portraits of quadratic polynomial vector fields;
(c) phase portraits of polynomially quadratic field vectors;
(d) quadratic vector portraits of topologically insignificant vector phase fields.