January 25th, 2008

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Humphrey's choice

Man-fred's more of a scamp in the mornings, but today Humph saw fit to step about on the keyboard and arrange for this one to play for us as we stirred to life:

    .mp3   >-->   "These Foolish Things" (live)  --  Ella

It's from a second (looser, then wilder) (and more audience-charged) night of the same concert bill in 1957. The Ella at the Opera House cd has both (and a wikipedia page, you'll see if you click) (one that needs editing, though---maybe later on that). The recording quality of the second night isn't as good. It's in mono, too. But boy does she have a night that night. The rest of the musicians too.

Humphrey's selection is a funny sort of song. She does her ballad magic on it, though. Don't 'spect anybody else could rescue that dorky bridge for me---the veni, vidi, vici bit. I took Latin & am a big dork, and even I think that's an awkward stretch, in a song I like otherwise, with its cataloguing of specifics, images. Of haunting.

That IS the bridge, right? That dumb part? I mean, it's in there twice, but I think what we've got us here is verses and a bridge that's repeated. With a sort of refrain in the titular portion of the verses, but no chorus. It's a bridge cuzza the chords, I'm thinking.

Maybe I'll look up the bridge in song structure later, too.

Humphrey doesn't have email (Luddite!), so if you want to comment on his poke at being dj, send your message through me.