January 8th, 2008


So. Anybody else having lots of dreams lately?

The literal kind?

Here are some Chopins(.mp3) I uploaded a while back & keep meaning to post:

    "Nocturne #2 In E Flat, Op. 9/2" -- Jean-Yves Thibaudet

    "Nocturne #10 In A Flat, Op. 32/2" -- Maurizio Pollini

    "Nocturne #11 In G Minor, Op. 37/1" -- Pollini again

    "Nocturne In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth." -- and back to Thibaudet

I have some more Frédéric C. coming from the library soon. Including more Nocturnes, no doubt.

Dig the Nocturnes, Babies. And dream on.