January 7th, 2008


Q. what goes with a phase separation and a polarized normal Fermi gas?

A. why, a periodic FFLO superfluid, of course!

- + - + -

made a new friend today. on the swings. her name's natalia. i was just swingin', and she came and swang next to me. we talked about a lot of stuff. she had on a bright pink fuzzy dress, with white tights and those shoes i used to so very much hate wearing. she has red glasses, too. i complimented her on them.

we went upside-down a lot. speculated broadly about the birds, and what they were up to. we laughed at stuff, but not all crazy silly. just a little silly, and some not silly. i decided to take my hair out of my sweatshirt so it would hang like hers. after we said goodbye and i was 20 yards back toward the office, she took in a big breath to wish me happy new year.

my nephew calls this a "kiddsmas tree" (my great-nephew is one branch):

[jay's kiddsmas pic]

that's a picture, ain't it?

i might buy me one of these: [pink beret]