December 26th, 2007


largo ma non tanto, yes

i've got things to say. i really do.

stop for a while and it's hard to know where to begin.

it's practically the new year now. and that'll take care of that.

(that's a funny expression, "that'll take care of that.")

what do you want to hear about, reader(s)? i'm taking requests. to get the pump going. be nosy if you want. be all nose, then all ears.

the Fool, the Devil, and the Star

What are they called---major arcana? They're my right-now three, those three. And there are inverted swords in the offing.

Mental balance is key. It is suggested that I lack confidence in it, but I have what it takes to get through.

chaos fool   chaos devil   chaos star

- + = + -

sprig5 wants to hear about dyke drama. I don't have dish, though. To dish. Dish to dish. Ashes to ashes, dish to dish.

When you keep finding yourself ending up in this area of your brain, might say the voice of another system of divination, there may be something being neglected in the others.

[images from the Chaos Tarot]