December 6th, 2007



actually, i'm not totally bummin', at the moment, as measures i have taken to try not to be (totally bummin') seem to be being effective---this ten minutes, anyway. so i'm not as bummin' as the term might be expected to suggest in connection with this song i'm going to link ya'll to, which i uploaded from work the other day (and left the disc at the office, so am about to download back to myself). it was my favorite on this japanese import billie holiday record i bought when i was in college. and the willow is one of my very favorite trees.

  .mp3 --> "Willow Weep for Me" -- Billie Holiday

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sometimes a baby doesn't, but sometimes a baby just wants somebody to say there, there, baby. c'mere now. god bless the child who can let herself have that, and most very fortunate is she who can actually ask.