November 23rd, 2007

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Thanksgiving report

[pic, dining room table, Thanksgiving day]

That's my dining room table on T'sgiving afternoon. Manny's sitting on the cookbook I didn't end up using; Humph is sleeping on my sweatshirt on a box on a chair. They both preferred to be right on top of the hard-copy editing I was working on (and just finished a little while ago). The copy of BUST was supposed to be my reward for getting through the editing, but I ended up checking out a good hunk of it before I'd done so.

Dinner with 18 other orphans and sorta-orphans was pretty good. Had some throwback elements, like seeing shmizla's sister again, finally, and talking to (one I have recently heard tell is the one who goes by) nocturnaltrains, whom I also hadn't seen since the beforetime. That was good. In general, personalities abounded.

Was up in the middle of the night with clogged sinuses, tight chest, some trouble breathing. Allergy? Combo sniffley cold and nascent anxiety attack? Who knows. Anyway I slept late & have done really nothing today but get through the rest of the ms. There's talk of an overnight visit to the newly-reopened DIA later--- it's free this weekend and open all night tonight. Night at the museum, indeed. There's a full moon, too. But it's cold, and I'm cold, and under covers seems pretty appealing too.

The burden of leaf raking begins to loom, as the city's last pick-up date draws nigh.