August 25th, 2007

bad santa

K-a-l-a-m-a-z-o-o Oh.

Houseguest is in bed; it's her last night here. Stayed in tonight, watching a DVD about the first five years of SNL (you know what SNL is, don't you?) and eating Anthony's pizza. If only cuzza that deep dish dish, I oughta be conked out now. Not, though. Or, yeah, conked out, but not ready for bed.

We drove to Kalazazoo today, houseguest and I, on a kind of frivolous mission. It may be the furthest away from Ann Arbor I've been all year. Kalamazoo still has an old-fashioned newsstand, as did my college town, and as did my hometown---distinct smell and all.

Me, all about the hottest trends.

felt like no two ways about it

Last night I dreamed I was making my way up a not-too-steep mountainside amid not-too-thick pines, across occasional not-too-rocky spots, with a woman who had come along along the way & was continuing up with me, our paths just sort of naturally converging. We walked on, talking of writing and language, among other things. Really connecting. I may have been supposed to have known her before, but, if so, not for long. Wish I could remember better what we'd been talking of. I lay in bed an extra 15 minutes this morning trying in vain to raise more of it to consciousness. Collapse )

It was the pleasure of such certainty, I do believe, that made me wish the dream had gone on longer, and had me wanting to coax it out to register with my waking mind, so's to have it with me longer that way, if not the other.

Houseguest read or heard recently that the content/plot of a dream doesn't matter so much as does how you feel about it, how you felt about it within it while it was going on. Hadn't thought of this distinction myself. It's a way to ponder dreams, anyway, and I like pondering them. Heck, I like just having them. Especially the vivid ones.

Off to have another now, maybe.

"(Hey,) Jesus"--- the sketch that (I think) wasn't

In the featurette (that was almost as long as the feature) on this Saturday Night Live disc houseguest & I watched, one of the writers speaks briefly about the hot water they got in over religious things (more than over stuff about sex or drugs). They'd had a hard time, for instance, with Lisa Looper, as Mary, getting noogies from Todd/Joseph in a "Nerds Nativity" Xmas pageant sketch.

I think the story was that they weren't allowed to execute an idea they'd had that was basically What if Christ hadn't been executed but had instead gotten 5-to-10? Then, when he got out after doing his time, somebody who'd known him before was going to run into him and say, "Jesus---you look great! God, I thought you were dead."

I laughed and laughed and laughed....