July 17th, 2007

double five

now all are adopted & taken away

photo retrospective to come, perhaps.

tonight i can't seem to shake a headache i've been fighting all day. bones in head ache. jaws, cheeks. eyeballs too. sore neck. nauseous. it's not the worst ever, but it's certainly not lovely.

and there are the lingering visuals of those cat carriers making their ways away from this house.

can't decide which intervention to try. for the headache. if i can feel the other stuff some, now and soon, more power to me on that. right?
true too

i have x-ray vision

that's what rob says this week.

just popped in again to say that the last episode on the first disc of the "the boondocks" tv show is almost certainly the best television program on the iraq war that has aired in this country. and from the opening scene of the first episode on, that's some tv. check it out. you'll be glad you did.

manny walks around the house, talking. never talked before so much in his life.

i'm choosing to call it talking.