July 13th, 2007


pretty spent, but spent it well

i've about had it for consciousness for this day. my guests hit the hay a bit ago---they were getting up when i was getting to bed last night. i love them. this is gonna be fun. and we will eat out a lot.

caught today, dead to rights: apathy's not my strong suit. i'd practice my apathy more, but i don't care enough to; does that count as practice? (a koan for all ya'll)

firing freely on many cylinders, and digging it, and loose, with that conversational stuff & more--- if being not so rested may have something to do with that, i'm maybe gonna have to seek out exhaustion more frequently.

and tomorrow should be a fine opportunity. we'll be on the road by 5:30. seeing that hour, and not from staying up until it, is enough in itself to provide a sense of event for me.