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July 6th, 2007


Wow. It's 3 in the morning. How'd that happen.

Say, scrawlspace--- can you blog in sick at MR? Or blog in that you'll be late? (I still hope not to be late---this post is not really an attempted notification that I will.) (But it's an interesting thought.)

If I could do that, I could text in late via the blog, for instance. Text post to lj---there's such a thing, right? Or I could do a voice post by cell phone that said I was going to be late.

As it is, I'm just posting that I'm up late. I did get that shower. Went out to meet bigfinedaddy on South U. We walked over to Top of the Park and watched all but the first 10 minutes of Dodgeball, which I'd seen before and liked. We were bracing ourselves for the fat-phobic, and there was actually some of the opposite in there, but then it ended very badly on fat. Which is a cryin' shame, given how much I was busting a gut, especially at word humor. Same one dumb joke several times, even. The ADAA is "The American Dodgeball Association of America" ---laughed at that one 4 times. And then there are the 5 Ds of Dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and---uh,... Dodge. (At least 3 laughs on that.) The lame-ass "color commentator" announcer on ESPN 8 ("The Ocho"), and the other guy's goofy-ass sports announcer stuff, and all the TV graphix, like in Zoolander. But mostly word stuff.

Well, what are you gonna do. At least it paid lip service to being okay as you are. And internalized fatphobia on the part of the evil Ben Stiller character was his Achilles heel --- you could read that as fat-lib-ish if you stretch it. But . Well.

We did get called sexy ladies by a fine young fatster herself, though. And she sold it.

I should go to bed.

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