June 11th, 2007

ferndale bar lisa

I bought red things.

Not everything. Not the trash bags, which were why I went to the store. But when I got home I saw that just about everything else, all the stuff I just picked out there, was red.

Ever see that "Twilight Zone" with the soldier who can tell who's about to die? He looks in their faces and sees something, produced by some early-'60s TV effect I can't remember, and then next battle they come to cease to exist? And then one day he looks in a mirror and sees it on his own face? I think about that episode surprisingly often, considering I probably saw it only once.

There was this gray look on my father's face the last few times I saw him before he died.

Locked myself in with the kittens tonight, having rounded them up to put them to bed. Doorknob fell off. Was barefoot, so jumping out the window seemed a bad idea, not to mention it'd be no easy feat then to close the screen back & keep the kitties from following. Didn't have my phone with me. Eventually finessed the door, with the help of items from the closet of many mismatched things. By then the kittens had dozed off.

Can't say it was a good day.

Saw the rest of Transamerica.