May 21st, 2007



X. J. Kennedy in today's feed from that old radio Lutheran:

"Oh, go soak your head!" said Narcissus
To his image. "Some love affair this is!
    I find little surprise
    In your watery eyes
And your all too predictable kisses."
ferndale bar lisa

Dishwasher Pete

Remember him? He has a book out now. This interview catches us up with him.

I love the story of how he had somebody else go on Letterman & pretend to be him.

I am getting work done today, btw, if you're wondering. And about to go do a bunch more. But then leave early so's to mow the yard tonight, cuz picking up FOSTER KITTIES tomorrow!!! (What's the html for dotting your i's with circles--- or, better: hearts? I'm gonna be needing to know.)