April 25th, 2007


overseen in Ann Arbor, plus

bumper sticker this a.m.

Gawwwwd. Is it just me, or is that especially stupid? And I'm all "To the left, to the left" myself. I think it's largely the offensiveness of figurative meaning (and quite fuzzy there, at best) without any literal one that makes any damn sense. Nothing of what left? What the fork are you talking about, couplet?

My smugness is only reinforced by the blurb (at the site peddling the thing) calling it a "soon-to-be-famous slogan."

So, what do you think it means when you hate your horoscope so much you want to decide you're not really going to play that game any more but you then think that must mean it's exactly what you need to hear?

Poll #973113 Astrology

It means

it hit home and your resistance shows you need to listen.
you have a compulsion to second-guess yourself and shouldn't let your astrologer reinforce it.
Do you really think anybody can follow that sentence you introduced this poll with?
Do what you want. Screw it.
I don't know. I'm hungry.
I don't know. I have a headache.
It's like Mr./Ms. Coin, Lisa. (See below for the tale of Mr./Ms. Coin.)
other (I'll explain, or talk about something else entirely, in comments.)

Mr./Ms. Coin is what my old friend called the coin-for-flipping he kept in his pocket. It was "Mr." when it was a Kennedy half dollar (or fifty-cent piece, as 'twas commonly called); it was "Ms." when Suzie B. came on the scene.

The sweet thing about his coin-flipping protocol was that, faced with two choices he couldn't otherwise seem to decide between, he'd pull out Mr. or Ms., assign values to heads and tails, flip, look, and THEN---here's the variant---assess how he felt when the decision had thus been "made" for him by the coin. Was he bummed? Slightly disappointed? Or was he ready to accept that outcome with relative ease, or even a suddenly-found sense of being pleased with the result? So then, realizing (better) his own desires, he'd do what he (now realized he) wanted. A coin flip, for him, didn't make the decision: it just helped him get at what he really wanted. Or at, sometimes, his genuine indifference---in which case he's just go with whatever Ms./Mr. Coin wanted.

The problem with horoscopes that way is that they have more of an implication of what's right or best being located, at least somewhat, outside yourself. Which I'm afraid I believe it is (at least somewhat). Damn it all to hell. (Oh, as IF, Lisa, anyway...)

I'm pretty sure I'm over time on this break. I was just gonna write about that bumper sticker.

rethunk the horoscope.

weaseled out.

and my skills are back: i don't even think it's a rationalization, the perspective i'm choosing is so good. it may even be true! fact, i think it is. ethics, schmethics. or those aren't ethics.


ah, crap.

the problem isn't in the horoscope or the shoulds or any of that. so cut the nonsense, L.