April 19th, 2007


Break in your trifocals with vodka and pool balls.

That's no. 267 from the Bad Advice series. Dually published in The Best Ways To Go (items unnumbered) (cuz it's actually right).

Gotta get ready for work. Woke up early cuzza drinking. That happens. To me. To you?

Thought for the day: something about how disgustingly beyond-ugly Americanism it is to use the word "torture" as a tag for experience that so very much isn't torture. And it's even worse to refine the metaphor further, as in, for instance, the famous Chinese water torture, with its particular added horrors. And it's worst of all when it's you yourself you catch pulling that nonsense, even for a minute.

So don't be disgusting and ridiculous. Ridiculous will do. And you like ridiculous. Now get your butt to the office.