March 20th, 2007

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interests suggestions

Here's mine. As disclaimerwill points out, the algorithm sprig5 found is a bit more interesting with the interests:

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. sleep apnea score: 14 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
2. daniel pinkwater score: 8 [somewhat]
3. erich von stroheim score: 8 [not so much]
4. douglas fairbanks score: 8 [yeah, okay. but jr. even more]
5. theda bara score: 8 [mildly]
6. gloria swanson score: 8 [mildly]
7. weimar berlin score: 8 [not so much]
8. helen morgan score: 8 [hmmm... have to look into her]
9. silent film score: 8 [probably not so much as you'd think, though more than my average contemporary i imagine]
10. mary pickford score: 8 [not so much]
11. john barrymore score: 8 [not so much]
12. irises score: 6 [well, i like o'keefe pussiesflowers]
13. vargas score: 6 [not so much]
14. jayne mansfield score: 6 [not so much, and mild "uck"]
15. love & rockets score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
16. george gershwin score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
17. screwball comedies score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list that myself?]
18. lene lovich score: 6 [true! i don't have a passion for her, but i want a new toy, oh-a-oh...]
19. william powell score: 6 [yeah, sure; didn't i list him myself?]
20. nero wolfe score: 6 [i dunno. i kinda doubt it.]

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CANCER (June 21-July 22): Charles Darwin called Thomas Malthus a "great philosopher," and said his theory of evolution was based on Malthus' ideas. Yet Malthus advocated genocidal measures to control population growth. In "Essay on the Principle of Population," Malthus wrote: "Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country, we should build villages near stagnant pools, and encourage settlement in marshy and unwholesome situations." So the evidence is clear that Darwin's theories had a grotesque pedigree. Should we therefore dismiss them altogether? Not necessarily. What's useful is not always derived from what's good. Is there a comparable situation in your own life, Cancerian? Are there essentials you benefit from even though their origins are problematical? The time is ripe for coming to terms with weirdness like that.

it can only mean one thing, the way i'm buying my horoscopes these days