March 13th, 2007

wm p makin' smoke rings

Do you think it's dangerous / To have Busby Berkeley dreams?

What am I doing up? Well, it ain't the time change, I'll say that much.

Most of ya'll are sleeping right now. This right now, not that right now.

One reason I don't like to stay up too late any more is that I love staying up too late, and when I stay up too late I remember how much I love staying up too late & then I want to stay up too late too often. It's addictive. Fuzzy-head weariness around the brain inside the skull, feeling surreal; second winds, and thirds, and more if you keep it going; that timeless feeling when it's just dark and still, just like it's been dark and still for a long, unmeasured time, and it's still not tomorrow yet.

I stayed up late as a child so's to delay any dying in my sleep.

I stayed up late as a teenager, arguably cuz that was the only time I got real free space just to be.

I stayed up late in college, cuz that's what college is for.

I stayed up late in my 20's cuz I could, most of the time.

magic, in the middle of the night

oh, i know it's not that late right now, but it's a decently indecent hour for a school night

i got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle
as i go ridin' merrily along
and they sing 'oh, ain't you glad you're single?'
and that song ain't so very far from wrong

where did that come from

I'm flashing back on the comical contrast in me & the ex- telling our bare-bones family structures to our therapist. I was done in 3 minutes; her permutations took pretty much the rest of the session.

now I'm thinking about the language floor

sprig5 was talking about the "sheesh" news about a sorority at DePauw, and I was commenting. The language floor was one of the best places---along with the writers' union hangouts and, say, the back & basement of Bill Smith---at my school. (There was no writers' residence space from my sophomore year until the year after I left the place, as they tore down the mecca that was Richmond House, along with its best-graffiti-ever bathroom.)

I am getting work done, in case you're wondering. Wandery mind, that's all. But firing on pretty much all cylinders when on task. I was quite schnazzy on one galley a bit ago, if I do say so m'self.