February 9th, 2007


playing with the other way

I've been experimenting this week with T's approach to a stack of reviews to be edited: she takes the one on top and does it, then takes the next, and does it, enjoying the surprise, no clue what's next, we shall see. I'd gotten into the habit of sorting 10 or 20 galleys, mainly so's to know whether any particularly narly-lookin' ones were in there. Then doing the narly first, the mildy narly next, the potentially "a breeze" last. Coasting to the finish. Picking up the pace. Pulling out a decent rate per hour on the whole, though it started out at maybe 2 or even 1.5.

So this week I'm trying out taking it as it comes.

In general, I think it's a superior method.

It's when there are suddenly nothin' but narlies, or nearabouts, that one has one's doubts.

But here's a way of looking at it: which is the approach of the hopeless manager, desperate & afraid, and which is the approach of the easy-going Zen accepting contented one? When I think about it that way, I think I was crazy to let myself resort to that other way---a habit not just coming from but contributing to bogus expectations & deluded hopes, and just a whole mindset that seems an unwise road to let yourself go down.

In related news, I'm thinking there's a tongue twister to be invented. Something like, "Narly galley, Darla?" 3 times fast. If we make Darla surly, or something like that... Tongue twisters are fun only if they're at least kinda hard.

"Surly Darla's narly galley"?