February 8th, 2007


I didn't win the lottery.

Yeah, I bought a ticket while getting gas the other day. Despite being politically opposed to lotteries. I went inside to get warm, and there was the guy, sitting by the machine that has (yes) given me a lottery ticket in the past.

Was it worth a dollar to imagine bills paid & so much left over? That's what you buy, isn't it? I don't see the appeal of instant lotteries. You get maybe 10 seconds of the possible annointing being out there in the air. (Hey, look: I can't spell "anointing." Yet more evidence that I live fairly free of religion.) ("Anoint" apparently was a word in Middle English, hailing from the Anglo-French "enoint," past participle of "enoindre," which in turn came from the Latin "inunguere," which is "in-" + "unguere" [to smear] -- and it's all akin to "ointment.")

What would you do (differently, or additionally, or all-of-a-sudden) if you were suddenly wealthy? After paying off bills and securing housing and taking care of Mom?